Bugs Policy

Organic Food is more susceptible to bugs. It’s a fact we all must accept. Organic food is grown without the use of harsh pesticide chemicals like its conventional alternatives. Conventional foods have residual pesticides right to the table, which prolong it’s resistance against bugs.

The bugs that may be found include:
• Indian meal moth, in ideal situations the eggs hatch in 2 – 14 days, larvae for 40 – 300 days, then cocoon for 15 before finding their wings and making more moths! They can be identified by their ‘webbing’.
• The dreaded weevil, eggs can hatch within two days. Larvae will develop over 1 – 3 weeks before cocooning. Cocooning or pupation, takes about one week and then the adults will emerge.

Murray River Organics attempt to detract bugs through various ways, including:
• Careful selection of growers who have procedures and management tools to resist ‘the bug’
• Our Warehouse is temperature controlled from our receiver area right through to our dispatch area. The goods are stored in a constant temperature of 14 degrees. Our warehouse is not fumigated to control bugs or insects.
• Our imported organically certified goods are not fumigated. If required our imported foods on arrival may undergo seven days at -18 degrees at the request of AQIS.

If you find bugs in your organic product that are at larvae stage within 72 hours of receival of your order, please email sales@murrayriverorganics.com.au a completed Product Claim Form and relevant photos. We will then investigate the stock and consider replacing the goods or providing a credit.