October 16 is World Food Day! 

It’s a day organised by the UN to encourage communities around the world to practice sustainable and healthy food habits. 

Speaking of sustainable, when you choose Organic food you’re supporting farming practices that preserve natural resources and promote soil fertility, you’re also choosing a cleaner, better-for-you product for yourself and your family.  

Asides from shopping Organic, there’s lots you can do to bring sustainable habits into your day to day. We asked our teams share theirs: 

    • We have a worm farm at home, which means most of our food scraps go back to the ground to support the growth of my garden. It doesn’t take much space and it is extremely satisfying. 
    • We started writing menus for the week months ago and shopping accordingly. Waste just doesn’t happen when you are organized and our budget also loves it!
    • This year my husband and I decided that our New Years resolution was to become vegetarian- for environmental reasons. The year before we had cut out all red meat.
    • I regularly shop bulk and purchase loose organics ingredients from The Source Bulk Food Store. 

    There’s so many ways to bring sustainable, healthy habits into the home. The important thing isn’t how much you do, it’s doing what you can.  

     “We all have a role to play, from increasing the overall demand for nutritious food by choosing healthy, to not letting sustainable habits fall by the wayside, despite these uncertain times.”

    – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations