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Hand picked with love

Clusters are carefully nurtured to grow by our farmers, dried naturally on the vine, and are handpicked, and packed at their peak of ripeness, to provide a unique dried fruit range that can be enjoyed as a healthy snack, added to a gourmet cheese plate or simply paired with a glass of wine.

At Murray River Organics…

We Grow

We Nurture

We Harvest

We Process

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so you can be guaranteed to always open a pack of the world’s finest quality Australian Premium Clusters.

Sun Muscat (Seedless)

Live on the edge. The essence of our Sun Muscat is about trying something new and living for tomorrow.

Sun Muscat are produced from contemporary grape variety that – while unique to Australia – boasts a Californian predigree. Introduced almost two decades ago, this modern day seedless variety has both survived and flourished in the warm, rich soil of Sunraysia. The Sun Muscat represents a new generation of grape that is young and energizing, with distinctive sweet floral aroma and refreshing mild taste.

Crimson Emperor (Seedless)

Crimson Emperor Clusters are predicted to become the most popular cluster variety due to their sweet taste and crisp texture.
The Crimson Emperor is a modern red seedless cluster variety that was developed in California from a range of premium pedigree vines. With a slightly thicker skin, the Crimson Emperors have a firm, chewy texture and a sweet neutral flavor making them one of the most popular grape varieties the world over. These clusters are the perfect addition to your dessert plate, paired with your favorite wine or can be simply enjoyed as a healthy snack.

Thompson Seedless

Also known as Menidee, Thompson is the a true testament to the commitment and dedication of pioneering farming families in the Sunraysia.
Transported from California in the late 1800’s, the Menidee thrives in our “desert oasis” along the Murray River. Sun dried naturally on the vine and handpicked at peak ripeness, Menindee Clusters have a refreshing, mild-sweet flavor, coupled with soft texture, making them one of the most popular grape varieties in Australia.

Muscatel Seeded

‘Muscat of Alexandria’ Clusters are one of the oldest grape varieties still grown – considered a true ‘ancient vine’.

First introduced for wine production, these clusters continue to thrive in the warm rich soil of Australia’s Sunraysia, where they are carefully grown and nurtured by our farmers. The ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ is characterized by its distinctive sweet muscat flavor and edible nutrient-rich seeds, which enhance their unique texture and taste.

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