Choose a better-for-you mantra 

New Year’s Resolutions can help to give us focus, but they can also be a bit intense and feel a little rigid. That’s why we’re suggesting aorganic “mantra for the year ahead, to choose more organic where you can and when it’s suitable. You’re not striving for perfection here you’re just doing your best. 

Maybe you start with a little light reading, some podcast listening, or maybe you begin to update your pantry, switching out products one by one in favour of a certified organic alternative. 

Whatever steps you take it’s key to remind yourself of what you’re making the change for. And on that note, here are just a few reasons why it’s time to embrace organic in 2021. 

Why Organic?

More accurate than calling it a lifestyle choice, organics is a rigorous system that guides the entire growing process from planting to harvesting and on to consumption. 

Organic farming preserves natural resources and replaces chemical outputs with natural ones. The result is healthier soil which in turn grows natural ingredients. When you choose certified organic you’re getting a product that is: 

• Free from pesticides 
• Free from synthetic fertilisers  
• Grown in non-toxic growing soil  
• Emits zero nitrous oxide emissions  
• Good for your gut and overall health 

• Good for the bees (they eat our food too!)  
• Good for the planet