Take a trip to Morocco with MRO and Atlas Masterclass recipe boxes. 

Melbourne restaurant Atlas Dining is taking customers on another trip around the world with their at-home recipe box, and this time we’re coming along for the ride. Cook with our own-grown sultanas in a delicious recipe of fragrant vegetables with spiced cous cous. 

The brainchild of Melbourne’s well known restaurant, Atlas Dining, Atlas Masterclass lets guests cook exciting dishes from the comfort of their own home. With weekly changing recipes from around the world, delivered complete with a video cooking tutorial it’s no wonder why Atlas Masterclass recipe boxes have become a popular hit. 

In the upcoming Morocco recipe box, our own-grown sultanas will be given the chance to star in a savoury delight. Just another example of how versatile the humble sultana can be. 

 Orders are being taken now for Morocco week. Visit Atlas Masterclass for information and to purchase.