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Available as organic pearled barley grain, which is the resulting grain after the removal of the hull and bran, similar to white rice. It is used as an ingredient for soups, stews and other similar retorted products. It has a light nutty flavour.
Origins: Australia


We offer gluten-tested, organic buckwheat kernels and organic buckwheat flour. Buckwheat kernels can be puffed. It is used as a wheat flour substitute in bakery and an ingredient in many cereal and snack applications.
Origins: China, India


We offer organic popping corn kernels, organic maize flour and organic corn starch. The flour is typically used as an ingredient in baked products and desserts. Corn starch is a functional ingredient used for bakery and thickening applications.
Origins: Australia, USA, India

Cous Cous

Made from 100% organic durum wheat semolina, our organic cous cous can be retail packed and is also used as an ingredient in food ready mixes and baby food applications.
Origins: Canada


Our organic oats are sourced from various origins around the world. We offer a number of different formats and specifications. They are widely used in bakery, cereals, shelf stable food products, cereal bars and snacks.
Origins: Australia, New Zealand, Canda, Mexico, Finland

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a dietary fiber that can assist the digestive system. It is also used as a functional ingredient for its texture-modifying properties in foods as well as a binding agent. Available in various mesh sizes to suit different applications across beverages, bakery and other products.
Origins: India


We have a wide variety of organic rices and rice flour suitable for retail packing or as an ingredient in many different applications. We can supply white varieties such as medium grain white, basmati, jasmine, japonica and Australian brown, parboiled brown, basmati quick cook and other varieties and formats.
Origins: Australia, India, Thailand, Cambodia


We offer organic stone milled wholegrain rye flour which is a popular ingredient for bread making and a wide variety of bakery products and pasta.
Origins: Australia, Germany, Finland


Our organic stone ground wheat flours are locally sourced and we have a various options on offer including wholemeal flour, self-raising flours and bakers’ flour.
Origins: Australia