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Our organic almonds are sourced from Australia and other parts of the world. We supply Non-Pareil, Carmel Supreme and other similar varieties as whole raw kernels, diced and meal as well as other formats.
Origins: Australia, Spain, USA

Brazil Nuts

Our organic Brazil nuts are sourced from the Amazon rainforest in South America. They are excellent as a snack on their own or in snack mixes as well as ingredient for cereal products and snacks.
Origins: Brazil


Available raw in various different sizes and formats as well as organic cashew butter. Cashews are great as a snack on their own as well as an ingredient for trail mixes, snack mixes and cereal products.
Origins: East Africa, Vietnam, India


Our organic hazelnuts can be used as an organic ingredient in snacks, bakery products, confectionery and cereal products. They are available as raw wholes.
Origins: Turkey


Our organic macadamias are sourced locally from privately owned grower/producers. They are a premium product available in various sizes and grades, ideal as snacks or an ingredient in snack mixes, confectionery and cereal products.
Origins: Australia


Available in roasted wholes and diced. Our organic peanuts can be retail-packed or used as an ingredient in a wide variety of snack applications, bakery products, cereals and to make organic peanut butter.
Origins: Paraguay, Mexico


Sourced locally, our organic pecans are a premium product that can be packed directly as a snack or used as an ingredient in bakery applications, confectionery and in trail and snack mixes.
Origins: Australia

Pine Nuts

Our organic pine nuts are a great ingredient for pesto and other cooking applications, confectionery as well as snacks or packed as a retail product. Available in various sizes.
Origins: China, Mexico, Italy


Available in-shell roasted, roasted and salted as well kernels. Ideal as a retail-packed snack as well as an ingredient for premium trail mixes, snack mixes and other applications.
Origins: USA, Mexico


Our organic walnuts are available as 20% light halves & pieces, 80% light halves & pieces, small pieces and walnut butter. Delicious as a snack or part of nut and trail mixes as well as a great ingredient for bakery applications.
Origins: Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, USA, Chile, Mexico, India