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Oils & Liquids

Agave Syrup

1.3 times sweeter than cane sugar with a low glycemic index of 21. It emphasizes the natural flavour of food and beverages and has a sweetness that dissipates quickly and without aftertaste. Natural, without additives, vegan and gluten-free. Available in light to dark amber colour and different functional and flavour variants.
Origins: Mexico

Apple Cider Vinegar

Made from organic apples, naturally fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised. It has a sweet taste and a cloudy appearance. Used as an ingredient in sauces and dressings. It is also consumed due to its perceived weight loss and general wellbeing benefits.
Origins: New Zealand, Australia

Avocado Oil

Rich in monounsaturated fat, great source of vitamin E and a high smoke point at 271 degrees Celsius. It has a strong flavour and is a great for cooking, frying or as an ingredient in dressings and sauces.
Origins: Spain, South Africa, Mexico

Balsamic Vinegar

Made from organic grapes and aged for 3 years, our organic balsamic vinegar comes in a 10 litre bladder-in-box format. Great for salad dressings, sauces and other similar applications.
Origins: Italy

Coconut MCT Oil

Organic coconut MCT oil contains a high proportion of medium chain triglycerides C6, C8 and C10. MCT oil remains liquid at room temperature compared to virgin coconut oil which tends to crystallise. This makes it more easily manageable in certain production environments. It is also used as a nutritional supplement to assist in weight loss or increase physical workout endurance.
Origins: Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico

Coconut Oil

We offer organic virgin coconut oil, organic refined coconut oil and MCT coconut oil in various formats including 1000 litre IBCs, 200 litre drums, 20 litre drums, 1 litre jars and 1 litre food service plastic pails.
Origins: Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia

Coconut Syrup

Available as coconut syrup and coconut nectar. Coconut syrup is obtained by rehydrating coconut sugar and has a stronger flavour profile. Our first blossom coconut nectar is much lighter in colour and has a milder taste as it is obtained by processing at lower temperatures and the application of enzymatic hydrolysis.
Origins: Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico


Our beautiful organic honey originates from the Australian eucalypt forests as well as from the pristine UNESCO-protected natural reserve in the state of Yucatan in south eastern Mexico. Processed naturally and at low temperatures, our honeys have a very unique taste and aroma.
Origins: Australia, Mexico

Maple Syrup

Produced semi-artisanally by a family business based in the forests of St Ubalde in the Quebec region of Canada, our premium maple syrup is expertly prepared to maintain the same colour and flavour profile every year. Available as an ingredient for general consumption as well as stronger grades for cooking and bakery applications.
Origins: Canada

Olive Oil

Made from Australian organic olives. Available in 25 litre drums. It has a fresh, typical olive aroma and is of a golden yellow colour. Used for cooking and as an ingredient in sauces, dressings and a variety of other applications.
Origins: Australia

Rice Malt Syrup

Our organic rice malt syrup is available in clear and dark amber colour in 42 dextrose equivalent and 60 dextrose equivalent. It is a functional ingredient widely used not only as a sweetener but also as a binding agent for cereal bars and other similar applications.
Origins: India

Sunflower Oil

Cold-pressed, high-oleic content. Sourced locally and from various origins around the rest of the world. Used widely as an ingredient and for cooking. Has a mild flavour and a light/clear colour.
Origins: Australia, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria