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Amaranth seeds are a good source of protein and can be used as an ingredient in bakery products, breakfast cereals, cereal and snack bars. The seeds are often puffed and can also be flaked.
Origins: India, Peru, Mexico


Available in black and white whole seeds from a variety of origins. Widely used as an ingredient in solid as well as liquid breakfast cereal products and bakery. Chia contains antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
Origins: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico


We grow our own organic hemp on our farms in Sunraysia and also source organic hemp from other origins. Hemp seeds are high in protein content and are used in cereals and snack applications to boost their protein content and impart their characteristic nutty flavour.
Origins: Australia, Canada


Also known as flax seed, our organic linseed is sourced locally as well as from other origins around the world. Sought after for their omega-3 and dietary fiber content, they are used commonly as an ingredient in a variety of bakery and cereal products. We can supply both brown and golden linseed.
Origins: Australia, India, China


Also known as ‘pepitas’, our organic pumpkin seeds are of the GWS variety as well as AA shine skin. Used as an ingredient in bakery, cereals, snacks and trail mixes.
Origins: China


We source our quinoa from various origins in South America. We can offer Bolivian ‘Royal’ White quinoa, Bolivian tri-colour quinoa as well as white, tri-colour, red and black quinoa from other origins. We also have organic puffed quinoa for breakfast cereal applications.
Origins: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico


Our organic hulled sesame seeds are a popular ingredient for bakery products. They are also used in snacks, snack bars and confectionery applications.
Origins: India, Mexico


Our premium organic sunflower seeds are sourced locally. We also source organic kernels from various other origins around the world. These are a popular ingredient in bakery, breakfast cereals, snacks and trail mixes.
Origins: Australia, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria