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Agave Powder

Obtained by spray drying agave syrup, our organic agave powder has the same flavour and functional advantages. It is available as agave powder and Agave Zero, a blend of organic agave powder and Stevia for increased sweetening power with a lower calorie count.
Origins: Mexico

Agave Syrup

1.3 times sweeter than cane sugar with a low glycemic index of 21. It emphasizes the natural flavour of food and beverages and has a sweetness that dissipates quickly and without aftertaste. Natural, without additives, vegan and gluten-free. Available in light to dark amber colour and different functional and flavour variants.
Origins: Mexico

Coconut Sugar

Derived from the nectar of the coconut blossom, the production process is similar to that of other raw, unrefined sugars. Its unique flavour profile makes it a great alternative to cane sugar as an ingredient for a variety of confectionery, bakery, beverage and meal replacement products.
Origins: Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia


Our beautiful organic honey originates from the Australian eucalypt forests as well as from the pristine UNESCO-protected natural reserve in the state of Yucatan in south eastern Mexico. Processed naturally and at low temperatures, our honeys have a very unique taste and aroma.
Origins: Australia, Mexico

Honey Powder

Made from 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free honey from Yucatan and formulated with organic maltodextrin to result in a free-flowing powder. Applications include confectionery, cereal and snack bars, snacks and bakery products among many others.
Origins: Mexico

Icing Sugar

Our organic icing sugar is a typical ingredient for bakery and confectionery products where a smooth texture is required and sugar needs to be dissolved quickly and easily.
Origins: Australia

Maple Sugar

Obtained from organic maple syrup, our maple sugar comes in various formats, from chunks to finer grains. It is typically used as a premium ingredient in confentionery and other applications to impart a maple flavour whilst taking advantage of its easier non-liquid state.
Origins: Canada

Maple Syrup

Produced semi-artisanally by a family business based in the forests of St Ubalde in the Quebec region of Canada, our premium maple syrup is expertly prepared to maintain the same colour and flavour profile every year. Available as an ingredient for general consumption as well as stronger grades for cooking and bakery applications.
Origins: Canada

Rapadura Sugar

Also known as panela sugar, our rapadura sugar is an unrefined cane sugar that has a strong natural caramel taste and is of a dark brown colour. It is used in widely as a general sweetener and to impart its particular flavour profile to the end product.
Origins: Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India

Raw Sugar

Our organic raw sugar obtained from organic sugar cane and is sourced from different origins around the world. Used as a common sweetener across many food categories including beverages, confectionery and bakery as well as others.
Origins: Australia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, India

Rice Malt Syrup

Our organic rice malt syrup is available in clear and dark amber colour in 42 dextrose equivalent and 60 dextrose equivalent. It is a functional ingredient widely used not only as a sweetener but also as a binding agent for cereal bars and other similar applications.
Origins: India