Stroll through a new-look baking aisle in Woolworths from today and discover our latest range of organic dried fruit and nut.

The well established baking aisle of Woolworths is getting a shakeup with the inclusion of our new organic dried fruit and nut range. 

Our six new products are ideal for conscious cookers and bakers who are looking for clean alternatives to add to their pantry. Our own-grown sultanas are a part of the new range along with a trio of organic almond options including slivered, flaked and meal. 

Explore the range here and look out for us on your next shop. 

Organic Almond Meal

Enjoy your almond meal free from synthetic pesticides and choose organic. Planted, grown and harvested naturally, just as mother earth intended. 

Organic Walnut Halves & Pieces

Our organic walnuts are grown on the branches of a mother tree that’s been well cared for in nutritious, healthy soil and come naturally free from synthetic pesticides. 

Organic Slivered Almonds

Our organic Australian slivered almonds are intentionally free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals, grown in healthy happy soil, as it should be. 

Organic Apricots

Why so brown? Organic dried apricots are free from sulphites, an additive commonly used by others to brighten their appearance. We keep ours all-natural instead. Orange you glad you chose organic? 

Organic Flaked Almonds

Our organic Australian flaked almonds are as honest as they are delicious. Planted, grown and harvested without synthetic pesticides they come clean and ready for snacking. 

Organic Sultanas

Our organic sultanas are planted, picked and dried on our farms in Sunraysia where we’ve spent time nurturing them from a seedling into a delicious, dried fruit snack for you to enjoy.