What’s 100% organic, high in fibre, vegan, non-GMO, tastes delicious and is ideal for making healthy breakfasts? Go on, we’ll give you a second to guess.

Our five-strong range of muesli mixes offers something for everyone with classic flavours like Apple & Cinnamon, something a little bit fancy with Macadamia & Cranberry, a wish-it-was-summer blend of Tropical, a sweet-enough mix of Banana, Coconut & Berry and a game changing pick-me-up blend of Coffee & Fruit.

Our 100% organic Muesli mixes come packed in both pre-portioned packets and easy-on-the-eye canisters with a peelable label for re-filling and re-using. They look good enough to gift and taste delicious enough that you’ll be dreaming of your next bowl. Delicious, healthy and 100% organic, as it should be.