It all starts with organic farming

Our vision

Leader in organic and better-for-you brands and ingredients.

Our purpose

We make organic and better for you products by farming and sourcing world class ingredients, because we believe everybody deserves sustainable and clean food.

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Our beliefs

We choose organic

We vote for the world we want with the choices we make; we choose organic. We believe everybody has the right to access healthy and tasty, nutritious, clean food. Better for you and the planet.

Innovate to regenerate

We are constantly striving to do better by people and planet. Innovation is driven to improve taste, nutrition and the natural environment moving towards a sustainable future for everyone.

We’re stronger together

We strive to understand the land where each of our products are grown. Working with our farmers and growers to champion the organic movement. Global or local we are stronger together.

Our door is always open

We have nothing to hide. Being organic ensures we can guarantee quality and traceability at every point of our vertically integrated ecosystem, offering our customers assurance that the highest environmental and organic standards are consistently met.

We put nature first

We believe nature has the power to provide. We endeavour to work with her not against. By harnessing her power we are able to keep our environmental footprint small and our ingredient lists clean.

We believe size matters

Being big isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Bigger means we can make a better impact. As Australia’s largest producer of organic dried vine fruit we endeavour to use our size and scale for good.

About us

Murray River Organics is a proud Australian producer, manufacturer, and marketer of certified organic, natural, and better-for-you food products.

We aim to be a leader in championing an organic way of life, creating the best organic products for our customers, and bringing scale and global sourcing to enable organics to reach all our consumers. We believe everyone deserves sustainable and clean food.

Pioneering large-scale organic, sustainable processes, Murray River Organics promotes wellbeing through its innovative range of high-quality Australian food and delivers it to the world. We are the largest fully integrated producer of organic dried vine fruit in the world.

We own and operate 11 properties and over 9,000 acres across Sunraysia for agricultural production of dried vine, wine grapes, table grapes and citrus. As well as supporting over 35 farming families who are part of the MRO Dried Vine Grower community.

We operate two certified organic processing facilities. In Mourquong, New South Wales, which is centrally located to our vineyards, where our dried fruit is graded, dehydrated, processed, packaged, and distributed to export and domestic customers.

At our Dandenong, Victoria facility, we have a recently completed value add processing centre with 7 processing lines operating across a range of packing capabilities able to bring fast paced innovation to market.

From our locations in Melbourne, Sunraysia, Japan and China we service customers around the world in the retail, ingredients, and wholesale sectors, with innovative offers from our proprietary brands including Murray River Organics, Gobble, Premium Australian Clusters and Murray River Wholefoods.

Murray River Organics is committed to growing sustainably, whilst continuing to implement environmentally sound business practices and manufacturing processes to help provide consumers globally with the opportunity to maintain a healthier way of eating, snacking, and living.

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