Certified Organic Sourcing

Back to the source

As well as growing organic dried vine fruit on our own farms, we work with organic growers across Australia and the world to help source some of the delicious organic ingredients you’ll find in our range today.

Our vision is to grow organics in Australia while promoting better, more sustainable farming practices.

Despite having the world’s largest amount of certified organic land in Australia, organic growing continues to be typically on small-scale plots, meaning equally as small harvests.

In some cases, there are organic ingredients that are simply not grown in Australia at all. Like our organic dried apricots, our organic agave syrup and organic coconut.

Where we can’t source from Australian growers we rely on our farming partners across the globe to supply us with high quality, Australian Certified Organic ingredients.

Our sourcing standard

Every ingredient we use is Certified Organic and meets strict Organic Standards. This ensures that the ingredients have been grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO’s.

We make it our responsibility to set foot on the ground where the products we source are grown. We have established long-term, collaborative relationships with our farming partners, many of which are family-owned businesses run by passionate growers who care for their people and the planet.

Growing globally

from Canada

We source our delicious berries from a family-owned business in Canada who’ve been growing since 1995.

from Mexico

Our sweet, organic agave syrup comes from a family business in Mexico. Here agave growing is unique and generates many jobs for local farmers. Our farming partners in Mexico are deeply invested in sustainability and caring for the environment.

A Date
with Arizona

Our organic medjool dates are grown, picked and packed on a family-run plantation in Arizona. Their mission is to grow the best organic medjool dates their special patch of desert can give them.