We’re making strides to improve our environmental impact through packaging design and innovation. 

As an Organics led business of course sustainability is high on our agenda. We made moves in 2020, introducing our reusable canister to the market. An ingenious creation (if we do say so ourselves) that allows for no-mess removal of our labels and an easy reuse of the canister. Now we’re stepping it up, announcing our new partnership with REDcycle and design plans for a greener version of our much-loved canisters. 

A new look canister

Here’s how it started… a cute canister design, good looking enough for shoppers to want to reuse it, plus a peel-able label that won’t leave any markets.  

Here’s where it’s going… our new canister builds on the existing design but gets a whole lot greener. Taking effect with select products from November of this year and rolling out across our entire canister-packaged range from early 2022, we are making Recycled PET (RPETour new standard. We expect this will save close to half a million single use canisters from production! 

What is RPET? 

Our current canisters are made from a single use PET (polyethylene terephthalate). They can be reused and recycled but they do require the production of single use plastic. Our new RPET canisters are made from post-consumer PET. RPET is entirely safe to be used in food packaging, has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET and can be recycled again at the end of its use.   

New and improved 

Our peelable labels are getting a spruce up too. We’ve found heat and time can get in the way of our non-stick labels actually not sticking. We’re in the process of changing our labels over to a superior stock to get use close to a 100% guarantee that they can be removed under most conditions.  

The complete roll-out of our RPET and canister upgrades will be finalised by mid-2022.  

We’re with REDcycle 

As a business we made the decision to move away from our single serve muesli sachets by the end of 2021 however, select MRO products including our Woolworths range of dried fruit and nuts still come in a soft plastic doy packs. It was important for us to seek out opportunities for MRO customers to recycle this plastic, enter our partnership with REDcycle.  

REDcycle is a recycling program that takes flexible (soft) plastics – the ones you can’t recycle through kerbside pickup – and turns them into a material that can be used to manufacture new products. You’ll find a REDcycle bin out the front of all Woolworths and Coles stores across the country.   

See off your MRO soft plastics sustainably by holding on to them until your next visit to Coles or Woolworths and dunking them in the dedicated REDcycle bins.  

Have you got more sustainability suggestions for us?